Domagick Day 22

This week continues at a slower pace. My partner feels even more congested today than yesterday, so I spent majority of the day quietly, trying to make him … Read more

On Hold

Yesterday’s celebration for Amon went well, albeit quietly. After a dinner of honey pork and white wine, I left an offering for him in the woods across the … Read more

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Solstice Sun

June Domagick Day 20 Happy Summer Solstice! I’m going to put my cart before the horse and write about magick before I actually carry it out today. I … Read more

Amon: Lord of the Solstice

June Domagick Day 19 I’m changing things up a little this week. Instead of making and enchanting a disk on the same day, I am splitting these activities … Read more

Lazy Sunday

June Domagick Day 18 It is difficult to describe what exactly I did for Ipos today. I carried his disk on my keychain and handled it whenever I … Read more

Relearning Relaxation

June Domagick Day 17 I haven’t worked in the food industry for years, but I spent today at a local farmer’s market selling BBQ products. The crowd snapped … Read more

A Good Week, All in All

Domagick Day 16 Errands! Some days you have to run ’em. Today was that day. Before heading out grocery shopping, I said my last prayer to Botis for … Read more

Thanks, Botis!

June Domagick Day 15 I worry that my blog has begun to sound repetitive. After all, I’m doing the same thing over and over for the June Domagick … Read more